I want to order product. What do I need to do first?

How do I know when my sample will be sent after I submit my request?

What is a pellet, extruded intermediate, or half product?

What is the difference between a pellet and a regular fried snack?

What are the storage conditions in order to maintain the quality and freshness of the pellets?

What is the moisture content of pellets?

What is the oil absorption of pellets?

What is Pellet Bulk Density, or Expanded Bulk Density?

Why does the expanded bulk density of a pellet matter?

How many different types of pellet products does J.R. Short offer?

What ingredients are pellets made from?

Are pellets available as kosher, natural, organic, or non-GM?

What types of flavors/seasonings can be added to pellets?

What shapes do pellets come in?

Does J.R. Short have R&D to support the development of new products?

How long does it take to develop a new product?

What food categories and market channels can use pellets?

What is the minimum order on pellets?

What kind of packaging is used for pellets?

What is the lead time?

How does J.R. Short manage the shipment of pellets to customers?

How much do pellets cost?

Why should current snack manufacturers consider pellets from J.R. Short?

How can I get more information?


Do you ship product outside of the United States?

How will I receive my packaged product? On pallets? Slip sheets?


Can I send in a resume?

What kinds of positions are usually available at J.R. Short?

After I submit my resume, will I hear anything back from J.R. Short? If so, when?