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J.R. Short Milling Company


In 1910 the Short family started a bakery ingredient supplier company. J.R. Short acquired the Kankakee mill in 1962, and consolidated operations to Kankakee in 2005. The company worked with local farmers and elevators to supply the operation with corn for dry milling. This enabled the management of raw material varieties and characteristics entering the mill contributing to the quality and consistency of the J.R. Short Milling products over the years. In 1982 J.R. Short expanded again, entering the snack pellet category of food products.

Recent Changes

November 14, 2008 J.R Short Milling finalized the asset sale of its Corn Division to Bunge North America. J.R. Short has determined their more significant opportunity is to focus future growth in the development and production of extruded intermediates for the snack and cereal categories. Click here to read the press release

Transforming natural grains into functional food ingredients for over 100 years


J.R. Short is now the largest domestic, and a leading global supplier of the extruded intermediates the food industry commonly refers to as pellets or half-products. The products are called intermediates or half-products because they must be expanded by deep frying, air popping, or pressure puffing into finished products before they are ready for consumption. J.R. Short's extruded intermediates, in their expanded forms, can be found in several food categories including snacks, cereals, desserts, and bars. They are a key component in many well known brands and can be found in both foodservice and retail.

More than a "supplier"...

We seek long-term relationships with our customers. To this end, J.R. Short is committed to providing the product development and application expertise necessary to help our customers succeed. When you trust J.R. Short for your ingredient and extruded technology needs you get the right product at the right time, and the service commitment that forges a successful partnership.