Extruded Intermediate (Pellet) Products

With over twenty five years of extrusion technology experience, J.R. Short has become a world leader in the production and marketing of grain based extruded intermediates for food applications. These extruded intermediates, commonly known as "pellets", must go through an expansion step to become a finished food product.

Our customers, or their co-packers, process our intermediate pellets by deep frying, forced air popping/baking, or pressure puffing. They create many great tasting sweet or savory snacks, breakfast cereals, and other food products.

Extruded intermediate based food products offer great nutritional options for consumers, as well as excellent margin and new product opportunities to brand owners. Working closely with our customers, we develop tailor-made solutions to meet their needs in a variety of food categories and channels.

J.R. Short offers new product development services through our R&D pilot plant capabilities to create new or custom extruded intermediates.

There are many standard formulas and shapes to choose from, which can be differentiated in the market by expansion methods, seasoning, packaging, marketing position and channel.

Your ingredient selection and processing methods will significantly impact expansion properties. Additional information is available in the ingredient and expansion sections.

Pricing will vary dependent on the ingredient combinations chosen. For additional information on pricing, please contact sales/customer service.