Extruded Pellet Products

Expansion Options

Our domestic and global customers enjoy the economies of shipping shelf-stable pellets across the country and the world before expanding them into a variety of great tasting food products through an assortment of expansion options.

  • Deep frying; a classic snack manufacturing and food service preparation approach
  • Forced air popping; from traditional popcorn equipment to fluidized air jet popping systems
  • Pressure puffing; high speed, high heat, die and piston expansion systems

New developments; ask us about the possibility of microwave expansion

Deep frying is one method of expanding our pellets into a great tasting finished snack or dessert, and usually takes 20–30 seconds. After frying, the expanded pellets are commonly tumbled in a topical seasoning, sweet for dessert applications and savory for snacks. When deep fried, pellet based snacks generally have a lower fat content than traditional chips.

Pressure puffing expands and fuses several small circular pellets into a single relatively flat piece with heat and pressure. The fused pellets take on the shape of the die, frequently a circle, as shown here. There can be a variety of thicknesses from cakes to crisps. When puffed, the 'crisps' are virtually fat free and low calorie. The 'crisps' are commonly lightly sprayed with oil and tumbled with a topical seasoning.